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New Project: aes-tags

February 16, 2010

I recently started a new project. I was going to keep it a big secret but, well, what’s the fun in that?

The project is to write aesthetically or emotionally evocative phrases on shipping tags and tie them onto benches, sign posts, etc. around the city. Mostly I’m focusing on my neighborhood in Dumbo, Brooklyn, and Madison Square Park in Manhattan which I walk through every day on my way to work.

The project is inspired by my love for street art, public poetry, and tagging. I’ve wanted to start tagging but don’t want to deface property with a marker or a sticker. And since I’m more of a writer than a knitta, I decided to literally tag things.


Among the street writers in Dumbo.


So far I’ve put up 10 tags. I’m not interested in huge quantity. It’s more about creating one-of-a-kind object, waiting for the right time and place to find me, and then recording it.

You can follow along on the separate blog here:

If someone takes a tag, if it blows away, if it gets destroyed in the rain (though they seem to weather well), it doesn’t matter. If I see one has fallen into a puddle, I leave it be.

If one person notices a tag and has a moment of delight, then I’ve done my job. And I’ve had a good time doing it!