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Missing Greenjeans

October 14, 2010


Outback at NH ceramicist Kit Cornell's.

Well hello! My, it’s been forever.

Tonight I was thinking back fondly on my Greenjeans days. Actually, I think back on Greenjeans quite often. Tonight it’s because had a pang of missing my independence. (Maybe it’s because until last week I hadn’t been anyone’s full-time employee in 9 years, and while I’m glad, it’s also . . . different.)  I’m so absorbed these days with my job and overall totally love what I do. It’s challenging (always), satisfying (most of the time) and contributing to the greater good (most definitely), but I don’t always smile on my way in to work as I once did. It’s not dire, it’s just . . . different.

More acutely, I miss being engaged in the craftly experiences, encounters and debates that were a feature of the daily life I enjoyed for so many years. These days, I’m just not as tuned in, and I miss it. I miss writing about it and hanging out with artists and craftspeople. Being that engaged was completely absorbing and time-consuming in a great way. I felt that I was growing, learning, contributing to something wonderful, valuable and worthy. And I was completely interested in every single aspect.

Outside of my job now, it seems these days I have less time to pursue personal interests. (Not that I’m not interested in social justice and human rights — I passionately am. But it’s . . . different.)

Nevertheless, I do have seasons where I’m quite into tagging (see I read lots of novels, mostly by foreign writers. Nanowrimo is in my sights for next month — I’m hoping to finish writing a novel I started a couple years ago. I’ve written a magazine article and done some other blogging. I go and see art when I can. And that’s all great.

Yet bottom line: I miss working in the world of the creative, the thoughtful, the slow, the beautiful, the personal.

The many benefits that come with where I am today can’t be beat. My job by any standards is pretty great. It wasn’t easy to get.

And yet, tonight at least, I think I’d trade it all in for a wood burning stove in an efficient little house near the coast in Maine, making my living with my writing in a different way, writing poems and plays and novels. Using my hands outdoors. Growing flowers. Painting furniture. Cooking with local ingredients. Sleeping under a down blanket because it’s just a little drafty. Getting my mail from a mailbox on a post at the end of the yard. Jae has a studio in the barn. . . Maybe set up a new shop/gallery in the local tourist town, rebuild the bridge between traditional craft and the craft new wave. . . .

Anyway! Such are my musings tonight. I’ve been so long off the blogs. Maybe I’ll come back for a visit once in a while…

How are YOU?


Merry Christmas Eve!

December 24, 2009

Five years ago today, Jae and I signed the lease on our little space on 7th Ave. in Park Slope that would become Greenjeans.

We miss Greenjeans sometimes, but we had a good run, and we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything!!

This year, I built us a Christmas “Tree” using the pine timber ends some of you might remember from our shop displays. The “tree” is decorated with little lights, a glass ornament by a NH glassblower, and polaroids a friend and I took of other people’s decorations around Bushwick many moons ago. The pine cone on top I picked up in France.

Merry Christmas Eve, dear readers. And Happy New Year, too!

Welcome to Found Curve!

September 23, 2009

bent tree

This is a blog about art, craft, design, and sustainability kept by a New Hampshire girl born and bred on good traditional craftsmanship who now, having lived in NYC for 11 years, is as at-home in the fringey art galleries of Bushwick as I am the wood workshops of Canterbury (and in fact appreciate their similarities as much as their differences). I used to own a craft gallery and shop in Brooklyn called Greenjeans with my now-husband, but the economy went bad and now I work for an international sustainable development NGO.

After keeping Greenjeans Blog for over four years and 700 posts, I decided it was time to turn over a new leaf and start blogging afresh. Greenjeans Blog is still fully live and archived at its same original location, and all links to it should still work.

The shape of this new blog Found Curve is still being discovered. In many ways it will be like Greenjeans Blog with virtual studio visits, craft and art world coverage, essays, reviews and experiences. But as it will no longer be tied to Greenjeans the shop and gallery, it will likely take on a form of its own over time.

One topic I hope to pursue here is that of barns, especially the barns of New England and upstate New York, as I begin a re-acquaintance with an old familiar passion.

It is exciting to be launching back into the blogosphere after something of a sabbatical this summer taken to start the new job. I have missed blogging and being a part of the amazing community that built itself around Greenjeans Blog! It is my sincere hope that I can make Found Curve into a meaningful place as I believe Greenjeans to have been.

Come with me onward now around the curve… and thank you for reading!

Yours truly,

– Amy

A “found curve,” by the way, is a timber-framing term for a length of wood that is naturally bent in such a way that it is as structurally valuable as a built angle. I like the name for so many reasons – the reference to barn building, the idea of nature as designer, the way the two words look and sound together, the sensation they evoke…