So THAT’S a Found Curve…!

You may have noticed a new header on the blog here today. It’s a photograph of an actual found curve!

These trees are out in the field by the house in Northwood where I grew up. I used to “ride” them when I was little.

Back when the place belonged to my great-grandparents, my Uncle Walt had his garage out there. A wire ran from the road to the garage, and these three trees happened to grow up and around it. Must have been at least 60 years ago.

Now, as my Dad said when I took this picture last weekend, they’re as big as tontons (like is Star Wars? See pic below.) Thy are very mysterious to me still and I love them.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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One Response to “So THAT’S a Found Curve…!”

  1. Simbelmynë Says:

    Would this qualify?
    I found this hiking in the Blue Mountains of Australia

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