Going to Minneapolis for “Creating a New Craft Culture”

Spoonbridge_and_Cherry_Meet_Minneapolis_54924This coming Friday is Day One of the American Craft Council conference in Minneapolis. I just looked over the list of attendees — wowzers, what a crew!

The first conference I went to in 2006, a year after starting Greenjeans. I knew hardly anyone. I was going just to listen and absorb and learn, and report on it for Greenjeans Blog.

This year there will be lots of familiar faces and I’m going as a presenter — how much can happen over 3 years! But I’m still going to listen and learn — there will be a LOT of food for thought served up, to be sure.

Hopefully I’ll also meet some folks I only know through craft’s online community. There are many coming whom I admire and would love to talk with. Exciting!

I plan to explore the city a bit on Sunday. The Walker Art Center is on my list. Where else should I check out in Minneapolis — any suggestions?

Will be reporting here after the conference, natch. If you’re coming, safe travels and see you there!


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2 Responses to “Going to Minneapolis for “Creating a New Craft Culture””

  1. Mia Says:

    Go get em tiger. you are such a lovely and informative presenter. i know whatever you have to say will be be absorbed fully.
    I hope your time there is nice and ming tingling…….

  2. Mia Says:

    that’s mind tingling!!!!
    although ming men is a great shiatsu point right on the back side of the navel. was my own head going there?

    big hug to you.

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