Good News – CPSIA Exempts Natural Products from Toy Testing Requirements

FRI-P-HelicopterLast year I posted a call to action on Greenjeans Blog about the Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), a law hastily passed by Congress in response to the lead paint problem with toys coming from China.

There was great outrage at the law because it would have required all makers of toys and products for children to have their stuff tested, at considerable expense, no matter how small-scale and conscientious their operations. We were worried for our favorite toymaker, Frank Ridlely (whose Helicopter toys is pictured here), along with the thousands of other small workshops and home-based children-focused enterprises.

Today I received an update from Ridley. He writes, “It now seems that the Commissioners of the CPSC have decided to apply a
little common sense and exempt certain natural products, such as wood, from lead testing. This means that we can sell, and you can resell, our product line of naturally finished wooden toys without fear of violating the law.”

Great news! You can learn more about it here:
Check out this link, page 7, Table B.

Thanks for the update, Frank!


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