Welcome to Found Curve!

bent tree

This is a blog about art, craft, design, and sustainability kept by a New Hampshire girl born and bred on good traditional craftsmanship who now, having lived in NYC for 11 years, is as at-home in the fringey art galleries of Bushwick as I am the wood workshops of Canterbury (and in fact appreciate their similarities as much as their differences). I used to own a craft gallery and shop in Brooklyn called Greenjeans with my now-husband, but the economy went bad and now I work for an international sustainable development NGO.

After keeping Greenjeans Blog for over four years and 700 posts, I decided it was time to turn over a new leaf and start blogging afresh. Greenjeans Blog is still fully live and archived at its same original location, and all links to it should still work.

The shape of this new blog Found Curve is still being discovered. In many ways it will be like Greenjeans Blog with virtual studio visits, craft and art world coverage, essays, reviews and experiences. But as it will no longer be tied to Greenjeans the shop and gallery, it will likely take on a form of its own over time.

One topic I hope to pursue here is that of barns, especially the barns of New England and upstate New York, as I begin a re-acquaintance with an old familiar passion.

It is exciting to be launching back into the blogosphere after something of a sabbatical this summer taken to start the new job. I have missed blogging and being a part of the amazing community that built itself around Greenjeans Blog! It is my sincere hope that I can make Found Curve into a meaningful place as I believe Greenjeans to have been.

Come with me onward now around the curve… and thank you for reading!

Yours truly,

– Amy

A “found curve,” by the way, is a timber-framing term for a length of wood that is naturally bent in such a way that it is as structurally valuable as a built angle. I like the name for so many reasons – the reference to barn building, the idea of nature as designer, the way the two words look and sound together, the sensation they evoke…


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One Response to “Welcome to Found Curve!”

  1. haveda Says:

    I wish you a lot of luck, and look forward to “reading you”, barns and all 🙂 (not something we have many of, here in my neck of the woods).

    Glad you’re back!

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